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Oh, that Scrotum!

Boy, poor little Scrotum always seems to find his way into trouble! I liked how our little puppy friend took on more of a bad-boy role in this flash, opposed to the innocent, harmless little dog.
The graphics and animation were on par with the first two; nothing too special, but just good enough to be enjoyable.

The audio seemed to falter here, when compared to Scrotum The music was slightly annoying/repetitive and the total lack of sound effects did detract a bit from the overall quality. I did like how the author synched up the beat with moments of impact in the flash touch there.

Started laughing my ass off when Scrotum whipped out the cig. XD

loving the presentation of this. The intro was freaking awesome, and to be honest kind of showed up the actual flash itself. :P The graphics and animation were about on par with the first episode, though this one was better overall, in my opinion.

The audio was probably the best aspect of the flash. The music fit perfectly and really set the perfect mood. I really say whether or not this would have benefited from voice acting or not. I almost think the text boxes work just fine.

Overall, very good, though I could have been just a bit longer!

What can I say, I'm here because this is the first-ever movie to pass into the Newground Flash Portal. I've came to this page a few times over the years, but this is the first time I've taken the time to write a review. :P

The art and animation are okay -maybe a little rough, but it kind of adds to the charm.
The audio overall is just fine. The music gave such a "casual" vibe to the horrible things happening to poor Scrotum which did help the overall comedic value. I think there could have been a bit more in terms of sound effects, but what there was was certainly sufficient.

I must say this cruel humor takes me back to the old days, watching Supa Fly and playing games like gerbil in a blender. :P A classic to be sure.

This flash was solid; well presented with acceptable graphics and animation. about what I would expect from the Clock Crew anyway.

You did a great job with both sound effects and song selection just fit perfectly. This flash really proves that some catchy music and good sound effects really can make all the difference.

I love the idea of the Clock Crew as a group of crime fighters. I must say that that was quite entertaining. (and dropping a huge chunk of cheese on the Earth gave me a little chuckle.) Other than that, though, the humor was a bit

Overall, say a decent, respectable flash. work.

Fernando is teh sexy

This flash possesses this wonderful combination of catchyness, humor and just plain strangeness that makes just irresistible to me. Not to mention the way it loops so seamlessly ensures that viewers will watch it in an almost hypnotic state over and over again. (This was in fact my experience, anyway - and can even be slightly dangerous if left unchecked for long periods of time :P.)

Overall, this is a flash that can be enjoyed again and again, as it just never seems to get old. Both the art and animation, as well as the song are quite funny and they really fit perfectly together.
I honestly hope to continue to see more music videos like this in the future.

Great work! (Loving the new Manwhore flash, btw) :D

Sexual-Lobster responds:


Needs Work

To put it bluntly, this needs a lot of work. Though I'm not too much of a flash artist, I would suggest breaking this down into smaller parts and focusing on building your skills in animation before trying to take on a full-fledged project, such as this. Maybe checkout some tutorials here on Newgrounds, or elsewhere to gain more knowledge.
Also, taking the time to add more color/shading would make this much more interesting visually.
I would recommend the same in the animation department. Study flash and try to make your animations smoother and less fragmented.

Though the quality left something to be desired, I can appreciate the random humor that (I think) you were going for here. I honestly will say that I chuckled a little. :P
The song you chose was really "off-the-wall" and fit the crazy, chaotic feel of this flash very well. You seem to have set the atmosphere for this pretty well, IMO, now just get the artistic quality to match!

Overall, though not the greatest, it does look like you actually sat down and tried here. That earns respect in my book. If you're serious about animation, I would sit down and study and practice and like anything else, you will slowly get better.
I hope to see more efforts from you in the future. :)

Review Request Club ~

Dexter3000 responds:

so far, i'd say your review has been the most helpful to me.since i made this,i have improved alot with my art skills.my flash trial ran out unfortuanatly,but someday i'd like to give flash another try.(i've had people say my comics are superior to this.)but anyway,thanks for the review.=)

Getting Better!

To start with, I would like to say that this is much better than part 1. It seems like you address some of the weak spots in part one quite nicely. The improvement is really noticeable.

What I really find interesting about these flash, are how you mix Zelda sprites and backgrounds from Zelda games with your own graphic and visual ideas. I honestly think that this is something that can only be achieved by someone who has no prior experience with the games. I find it quite interesting being someone who has played these games before.

Though I can see that you're working on a plot, it still seems too unfinished to me. Why is Link collecting the Triforce? Why is the old man sending him on these missions? While there is an objective, it seems to lack motive. If I were you, I would try to unify the plot you have going here in part 3. :)

Overall, I'd say that your efforts are really paying off, as you are getting better at this. If you can develop a more stable plotline that the viewer can really get into, I think you could have something really sweet here. Especially as your skills continue to grow.
Keep working on this, man. :)

Fro responds:

Ah, your review gave me a great idea. Since the first one developed a very weak plot line then I should make a Generic Sprite Flash .5 to become before all of this stuff and explain why he's going on the mission, etc..

Thanks for the idea.


It seems clear to me that you've got some good skill when it comes to putting together a flash movie. Everything from the opening page, to the ending sequence just feels so complete and well-rounded. I really fail to see any weak points in this flash.
The sound effects were right on the money, which always gives a flash a more lively and interesting atmosphere. Good work in the audio department all around.
If there is any downside to this, it's that the PINGAS theme has been beaten to death. Buut, I for one still (and undoubtably will continue to) have a sweet spot for it.
To put it simply, though very simple, this flash gave me a great laugh. It's one of those that you've just got to watch like 5 times to get your fix in. :P
Great job, fav'd. :)

greyshark responds:

yay, thanks for the fav'd! i was also going to do a loading screen where the loading bar is robotnik's penis, and it slowly goes into sonic's ass... but i'm only a beginner at actionscript and it was too difficult for me

My Kind Of Humor! :D

Ahh, man did I love this. There's just something about the "spare-no-swear" vulgarity of the dialogue in this flash that just makes it so wonderfully awesome! In a way it brings me right back to the Ren and Stimpy-style cartoons of my youth.
Your art style is quite unique and is a bit hard for me to put my finger on. It was Mario, for sure, almost something you'd see from Paper Mario, yet you really put your own twist on the character designs. The color as a whole is also quite literally dark, which I found quite interesting.

At first, I thought the voice acting to be a bit crude, but as the flash went on, it really couldn't have fit any better. (Mario's voice is especially perfect) :D
I spent some time thinking about whether more background music, or music in general could have been used here, and I really don't think it would have been needed. This was solely about Mario's ranting and you did a good job keeping the whole thing simplified and not too overdone.

Overall, this is a short packed with in your face hilarity. A seemingly obvious, yet brilliant concept of what may happen when a scenario is played out one too many times. :P I would love to see more cartoons of this style, keep it up!

Honest Review & Score

Ah, I remember you showing me this flash a few months back, and I must say that you've came a long ways with it since I saw it last.
Seeing a Zelda-themed flash created by someone who knows little to nothing about the series does humor the Zelda nerd in me a bit. Yet, at the same time it's really quite interesting to see an original Zelda flash made from such a different perspective, if you will.
The movement of the sprites seemed to be a little on the slow side, but it wasn't too annoying. If you played the games, you'd see that he moves at something closer to a running pace, opposed to walking. Speeding up the characters a little bit might make it more exciting. Also, at the beginning, when he's leaving the house, try and make the door and edge of the house the very edge of the screen opposed to having that patch of green there.
I enjoyed your choice in audio throughout this flash. Each song really matched the vibe of what was happening. But on the other hand, the audio really didn't seem "unified" to me. SoK's metal temple mix really clashed with the 8-bit Zelda music, despite both being cool in their own way. On your next effort, I would stick to all 8-bit music, preferably all from the same game, too. This would give it a much more unified feel.
At first, I wasn't really expecting much of a story, and I didn't see much of one until the end. Link running around a dungeon wasn't all too interesting, but once he ran into that orange dude, things seemed to pick up a bit. That leading up to the cliffhanger at the end was actually pretty cool.
Oh, and one other piece of advice. That scene after he talked to the old man about the Triforce, when Link was traveling to the dungeon. I would have him traveling through some overworld areas, and maybe start developing the plot some more before he makes it to the dungeon, opposed to just having a boring scene of him traveling from one point on the map to the next. That would make this longer and more interesting.
Overall, not a bad spite flash, Corky. You're getting better, man, keep it up.

Fro responds:

Alright, I didn't know he moved faster than that so that's something I'll keep in mind. I'm still going to have him walk in the "calm" situations and more of a faster pace when fighting.

I'll have to show you my newest one here sometime and you can tell me if the music matches up because I have another one of SoK's songs and 8-bit mixed. I'm better at fading now so I think it may work.

Thanks for the review and the tips.


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