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Oh, that Scrotum!

Boy, poor little Scrotum always seems to find his way into trouble! I liked how our little puppy friend took on more of a bad-boy role in this flash, opposed to the innocent, harmless little dog.
The graphics and animation were on par with the first two; nothing too special, but just good enough to be enjoyable.

The audio seemed to falter here, when compared to Scrotum The music was slightly annoying/repetitive and the total lack of sound effects did detract a bit from the overall quality. I did like how the author synched up the beat with moments of impact in the flash touch there.

Started laughing my ass off when Scrotum whipped out the cig. XD

loving the presentation of this. The intro was freaking awesome, and to be honest kind of showed up the actual flash itself. :P The graphics and animation were about on par with the first episode, though this one was better overall, in my opinion.

The audio was probably the best aspect of the flash. The music fit perfectly and really set the perfect mood. I really say whether or not this would have benefited from voice acting or not. I almost think the text boxes work just fine.

Overall, very good, though I could have been just a bit longer!

What can I say, I'm here because this is the first-ever movie to pass into the Newground Flash Portal. I've came to this page a few times over the years, but this is the first time I've taken the time to write a review. :P

The art and animation are okay -maybe a little rough, but it kind of adds to the charm.
The audio overall is just fine. The music gave such a "casual" vibe to the horrible things happening to poor Scrotum which did help the overall comedic value. I think there could have been a bit more in terms of sound effects, but what there was was certainly sufficient.

I must say this cruel humor takes me back to the old days, watching Supa Fly and playing games like gerbil in a blender. :P A classic to be sure.

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You are really excellent at making these NG-themed informational flashes, Cyberdevil, and this no exception. The only thing I could think of to add would be some sound effects, like a click when your cursor hovers over something clickable, for example. Then again, since the theme is the Newgrounds BBS, maybe it's perfect the way it is. :) The only real issue I have is gandhi winning both rookie of the year and worst poster. Wut? Also, bring Bahamut back for 2014! :P

Thanks for the buttload of easy medals! <3 Off to try and find some of those secrets now...

Cyberdevil responds:

I actually added sound effects to the main menu and follow buttons, but the ones on the main menu don't play for some reason and I forgot to find out why. As for a sound playing on anything clickable, that seems like an interesting idea... it's easy to assign sounds to specific buttons, but having one sound automatically apply for all buttons? Would be cool if that's possible to code. lol yeah, five awards and an additional two second places, most definitely most overrated users of the year. :D

Good luck, most of them just require some clicking around. Thanks for the review (which seems to be a rarity with you!); glad you liked it!

Cool idea for a quiz game. Being a big Metallica fan I really enjoyed this. I don't know if there's an end to it, or if you're supposed to go through all 38, but I stopped playing after the 10th question or so. (I got 9 of 10 correct!) I honestly found that listening to the rhythm guitar in the background made it much easier to identify the song the solo belongs to. :P The only beef I have is that in the 10 or so questions I went though there were two repeats (Fade to Black and To Live is to Die) that's something that needs to be fixed, especially if the game doesn't end until you've gone through all 38 solos (that basically makes an already long quiz ridiculous.) A good start, though!

DoctorQueb responds:

Thanks ;)

This game is so absurdly awesome, I can't help but laugh while playing. The game itself is excellent; great graphics, smooth gameplay and interesting music all work well together to make a solid game. The controls are nice and simple, which is perfect for allowing the player to enjoy the carnage and hilarity that is happening on the screen.

My only suggestion is an obvious one: this game needs more levels and upgrades. I know you can pick up upgrades while playing, but I think being able to add stuff between levels adds a bit of strategy to the game which makes it more fun. What you have here really seems like a prototype -you should really take it further!

Overall a nice little game here. 4.5 stars and fav'd. Nice work!

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To me, this song possesses a very intellectual sound. The fragmented rhythm of the hi-hat is really what stuck out as the most focal point of this song, even above the lead melody. -While it fit with the song as a whole, it seemed to grind against the melody and give me a bit of an uneasy feeling. That's not a bad thing per say, I actually found it to be quite interesting...
The melodies were interesting and original and the song transitioned fairly well without sounding too chopped up.

Overall, I see this as a mellow tune with a very deep and almost dark sound. Nice work!

Review Request Club ~


There's just something about this simple little loop that oozes pure awesome. It's only 9 seconds in length, but can be listened to over and over again and not lose its appeal.
This has truly become the Newgrounds theme song throughout the years and has been featured in so many submissions. This does and will continue to remain one of the best loops ever on Newgrounds.
One of my all-time favorites.


I haven't watched Futurama some time, but I do remember 'ol Zap quite well. You do a good job impersonating him, not to mention Kiff, too. You've got some pretty good range between the three characters you do in this clip, though.
Oh, and I must say that your Nixon is priceless. Like perfect man, seriously.
You seem to have some talent for voice acting Hearing those classic lines gave me a chuckle.

Coop responds:

Glad you liked it - I have watched these episodes quite a lot and need to keep the impressions in good nick.

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I actually like this a lot. It's very dark and plain. The simplicity really gives it the feel that it's located in a haunted house, or something. :P I also love the watercolor-like texture, I think it adds to the dark atmosphere.
I'm also curious as to what the medium was? Was it done by hand or on the computer? (I'm not a big art buff, so bare with me here :P)
I think it would look a little more appealing visually if the whole door/wall trim/floor were visible in the picture. Also adding some damage to the walls around the door would add character to this. But then again maybe the simplisity is what really makes these piece unique? Nice work, anyway, I enjoy it. :)


First ever art review, by the way. lol

Fro responds:

Drawn with a tablet on the computer when it was available.

Thank you for the review and I'm honored to have your first one. :)


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