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To me, this song possesses a very intellectual sound. The fragmented rhythm of the hi-hat is really what stuck out as the most focal point of this song, even above the lead melody. -While it fit with the song as a whole, it seemed to grind against the melody and give me a bit of an uneasy feeling. That's not a bad thing per say, I actually found it to be quite interesting...
The melodies were interesting and original and the song transitioned fairly well without sounding too chopped up.

Overall, I see this as a mellow tune with a very deep and almost dark sound. Nice work!

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There's just something about this simple little loop that oozes pure awesome. It's only 9 seconds in length, but can be listened to over and over again and not lose its appeal.
This has truly become the Newgrounds theme song throughout the years and has been featured in so many submissions. This does and will continue to remain one of the best loops ever on Newgrounds.
One of my all-time favorites.


I haven't watched Futurama some time, but I do remember 'ol Zap quite well. You do a good job impersonating him, not to mention Kiff, too. You've got some pretty good range between the three characters you do in this clip, though.
Oh, and I must say that your Nixon is priceless. Like perfect man, seriously.
You seem to have some talent for voice acting Hearing those classic lines gave me a chuckle.

Coop responds:

Glad you liked it - I have watched these episodes quite a lot and need to keep the impressions in good nick.


This was a bit interesting to listen to...It made me feel slightly uneasy. I was impressed by that, there was just something at the foundation of this loop that evoked feeling with me. Not all audio can do that, so props there.
Overall, I'd say that there's still something missing from this. Unless it's going to used as background music, or something just to "set the mood", then I would work on it some more. The quality seems a little on the low side, too. Maybe try messing around with some strings playing the role of a lead. -Something more prominent, like a violin playing in a higher octave, or something. I think a synth choir sounds good with creepy, dark music, too.
You have a nice base here for something. Just some stuff to toss around anyway. Keep it up.

Not bad

A pretty cool 8 bit song here. I've never actually heard the original to this song before, but it sounds like something straight off the NES. :P The guitar sounds pretty sweet to me, heavy and crunchy, very cool. Nice riff, too. :P
Everything sounds good to me here. I really wish I heard the original song before reviewing your version. :/ Anyway, nice work. Awesome 8 bit stuff, man. :)


I really liked the vibe of this song, it's very laid-back and mellow, yet it really captivated my interest. I almost found it to have an oriental sound. I'm not sure why, but it's what came to mind. :P
Overall, I'd say that you accomplished what you set out to do here. This song is quite solid and fun to listen to, without being flashy and over the top. A nice, soild background-type song, for sure. Great work!

ericdrebin responds:

Thanks! I kind of noticed the Oriental thing going on as well, so when I reworked it into '3:33', I changed the key. I'm glad it held your interest, 'cause I was worried that it might've been too mellow.
Thanks for the kind review!


The intro was a bit tough for me to get into, but as you added more melody the song really picked up and became more enjoyable. The bass and lead mingled well together.
My only criticism is that the song as a whole sounds too broken up to me. That volume swell type-thing you used at around 1:00, and again throughout the song didn't seem to fit with the sceme of things.
Overall, I'd say you've got a nice beginning to something good here. Keep working at it!

crusherxt responds:

thank you


It was certainly an interesting melody. The sound quality was really harsh, which made it a bit hard to listen to. The guitar playing was also a tad bit sloppy. The drums sounded much better, the beat sounded spot-on. Good job there.
Overall, I'd say you've got a cool little loop here. The melody is interesting enough to make it a good loop. I'd just work on the overall sound quality, and you'll have something pretty neat here. :P

Nice Sound

This song has such an adventurous, serene sound. The simplistic rhythms, coupled with that great lead really created a balance sound throughout the whole song.
The transitions were very smooth, everything just mingled and flowed perfectly. The only thing I found was the ending seemed a bit abrupt. It seemed to me like it could have been led up to a bit better. I honestly think you could have gone even further in expanding this song. Some trance tracks seem to go on and on, but with this one there just wasn't enough! :P
Overall, a quality trance track, great potential. Nice job!

Branches responds:

thanks alot for the advice
i only got the program a couple weeks ago and am still getting to know some stuff but I am goin to work on it some more.

Very Nice

You did a good job on considering it's the first time you've produced something yourself. I think it sounds alright! XP
I really liked the rising and falling sound of the melody, it contributes to the very somber feeling that is created by the lead. You really created a very deep and intelligent piano piece here. I honestly like it more than the other one you requested.
I always love a good piano song. Thanks for making this, I really enjoyed it.
And btw, I'm always looking for new piano music to play myself, so if you have the sheet music for this, or a MIDI file that I could transfer to tab, that would be great. :P I like to ask whenever I run into a piano tune I really enjoy.

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sarias responds:

thanks and no i didn't produce this one i did the original and xKore re-did it for me because i kept getting comments from people saying that the sound is muffled, Kore is who did my first one also, but im really glad you liked it, i sent you a pm about sheet music, and yeah im gald you liked it :D thanks for the review


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