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You are really excellent at making these NG-themed informational flashes, Cyberdevil, and this no exception. The only thing I could think of to add would be some sound effects, like a click when your cursor hovers over something clickable, for example. Then again, since the theme is the Newgrounds BBS, maybe it's perfect the way it is. :) The only real issue I have is gandhi winning both rookie of the year and worst poster. Wut? Also, bring Bahamut back for 2014! :P

Thanks for the buttload of easy medals! <3 Off to try and find some of those secrets now...

Cyberdevil responds:

I actually added sound effects to the main menu and follow buttons, but the ones on the main menu don't play for some reason and I forgot to find out why. As for a sound playing on anything clickable, that seems like an interesting idea... it's easy to assign sounds to specific buttons, but having one sound automatically apply for all buttons? Would be cool if that's possible to code. lol yeah, five awards and an additional two second places, most definitely most overrated users of the year. :D

Good luck, most of them just require some clicking around. Thanks for the review (which seems to be a rarity with you!); glad you liked it!

Cool idea for a quiz game. Being a big Metallica fan I really enjoyed this. I don't know if there's an end to it, or if you're supposed to go through all 38, but I stopped playing after the 10th question or so. (I got 9 of 10 correct!) I honestly found that listening to the rhythm guitar in the background made it much easier to identify the song the solo belongs to. :P The only beef I have is that in the 10 or so questions I went though there were two repeats (Fade to Black and To Live is to Die) that's something that needs to be fixed, especially if the game doesn't end until you've gone through all 38 solos (that basically makes an already long quiz ridiculous.) A good start, though!

DoctorQueb responds:

Thanks ;)

This game is so absurdly awesome, I can't help but laugh while playing. The game itself is excellent; great graphics, smooth gameplay and interesting music all work well together to make a solid game. The controls are nice and simple, which is perfect for allowing the player to enjoy the carnage and hilarity that is happening on the screen.

My only suggestion is an obvious one: this game needs more levels and upgrades. I know you can pick up upgrades while playing, but I think being able to add stuff between levels adds a bit of strategy to the game which makes it more fun. What you have here really seems like a prototype -you should really take it further!

Overall a nice little game here. 4.5 stars and fav'd. Nice work!

The graphics were just, okay, though they're really not too much of a factor in a game like this. While I think the background image does get the job done, I would suggest maybe an animated loop with stars twinkling, maybe a planet rotating, or even a UFO/comet shooting across the screen every so often -just to make things a bit more visually appealing.

The music was...tolerable. I honestly think some electronic-sounding stuff would have fit the "spacey" vibe a bit better, just my opinion, though.

Overall, this is actually a really original concept for a game; I honestly can't think of anything that's even similar to this. While the controls seem to be pretty responsive, it does take a bit of practice before you can get beyond even the first couple levels. (This was my experience, at least.) Not bad!

Not Bad...

I got a bit of a mixed reaction from this game. For starters, I enjoyed the way the game was presented. The mini introduction animations before each mission is a cool idea which adds more of a plot to an otherwise fairly simplistic game. Having different game styles with each part really kept my interest -this was probably my favorite aspect of the game.

As far as criticisms go, what sticks out the most would be the graphics. The drawings could have been a bit better. There's noting wrong with cartoony, but perhaps try a more simplistic art style to make things look a little more appealing.
Also the 2nd level (the jumping one) was really difficult. It seemed like I died even before I touched the enemy sometimes.
Other than that it was a pretty decent game...Some of the sounds/music became a bit repetitive after a while, but not a huge deal there.

Though some refinements could definitely be made here to make this better, overall I'd say you've got a good, solid core here. Nice work!

Nice Idea

I think this would be best summed up as an interesting concept that's a little rough around the edges.
I have mixed feelings about the artwork. On one hand, it is very diverse -seeing a whole array of artistic style and ability sewn together was pretty neat. It almost reminded me of a childrens book (with dicks XD). But on the other hand, it did tend to clash a little bit, visually.
Overall, I'd have to side with creativity here. Though not as polished as I would have liked, this was certainly very creative and diverse.

I really liked the idea of a single story patched together like a quilt by several different authors, but I think it could have been executed a little better. The randomness of the story did possess a humorous quality, but it was just too sketchy for my taste.

I think combining this unique method of storytelling from a storybook style to a traditional animation collab would be a cool idea. Maybe generate a story using several different authors and have one animator meld it together visually. It might be kind of a frankenstein, but it would be interesting to see, nonetheless. :P

Overall, I did enjoy this on some levels. The concept was original and there was some cool artwork but it just wasn't my style.

Review Request Club~

Nice Game

I found this game to be really quite solid in practically every area. The gameplay is easy to get used to and very responsive. This, coupled with a fairly deep upgrading system made it a game one can get into and play to the end without losing interest.
I am really impressed by how much effort was put into not only bow/arrow/armor upgrades, but also the slew of enemies you encounter throughout the waves. The character designs are very cool and diverse. On the topic of graphics, the background art on the menu screens is very cool, I thought I'd comment on that, too. :P

If I do have any criticisms with this game, it's with the difficulty, especially during the boss battles.
Though there were subtle differences, the strategy against nearly every boss was the same: avoid the shockwaves and shoot. This got quite repetitive after a while. I would suggest adding unique methods of attack for each boss, and maybe weak points that are exposed at certain points of the fight to make things more challenging.

Another idea I had when playing was to have multiple locations throughout the game that the main character travels to after each wave. He could stop at villages/towns to upgrade/buy weapons and stuff. It's just an idea I was tossing around, I think it would give this game a much more adventurous feel and totally get rid of the repetitiveness of playing in the same location every wave.

Overall, a nice game, I really enjoyed playing. Nice work, and I'm looking forward the sequel!

Good Challenge

This is a solid, well-rounded game that for me has been a bit of a throw-back in the sense of the game's simplicity and side-scrolling style. You really managed to draw off of your Donkey Kong inspiration, yet create a different game entirely. That isn't the easiest thing to do, sometimes, so I commend you on that.
Too many video games these days seem to only aim to dazzle the player with graphics. Playing this game really brought me back to the video games of my youth. They offered a challenge, and beating levels actually took some effort. The obstacles and puzzles of this game offers that same quality. As pissed off as this game has made me at times, (as I try to collect all its medals) I must say that it is a pleasant change from the norm of the "too-easy" video games you see today.
I've really enjoyed playing this game. It's everything I was expecting it to be. Good stuff.

Nice and simple.

I must say that it took me quite a while to understand how to complete the objective of this game. So, to all who are in a similar situation as I was: THE OBJECTIVE OF EACH LEVEL IS TO CRASH YOUR SHOE INTO AMERICA. Despite the slightly misleading pissed off Chinese guy and "PWNED" message, you did complete the level. :P I couldn't find an explanation as to how to advance in this game, so I figured I'd try to help some frustrated users out. ;)
That leads me to my next point. This game NEEDS instructions on exactly what I just explained. Too many people are/were confused as to how to play this game. More detailed instructions would be a godsend.
Besides that, I really enjoyed it once I figured out what to do. I loved the TV snow style, it really gave the pixel art a much more interesting feel. :)
This game was ever so simple, but add a few medals to achieve and it suddenly becomes kind of addicting. There was a noticeable change in difficulty as you progressed through the game. It was just hard enough to be challenging.
Overall, a simplistic game, yet a very fun play nonetheless.


The best way I can describe this is as an upper echelon flash game with some serious replay value. I honestly couldn't think of a better game to introduce the Newgrounds Metal system with. (Which is an absolutely awesome feature, by the way).
The art has that perfect balance of happy-go-lucky cartoon style and pure carnage and gore. I would really love to see more games with that "in between" vibe. It appeals to both a younger and older audience quite well, IMO.
The gameplay was perfect. the enemies were easy to engage, yet took a while to defeat. The gameplay was also good enough to the point where you can start to incorperate your own strategy into beating enemies and bosses. (Like tricking the KK into being bombed by BFK's yarn-balls, or using enemies long-range attacks to injure their partners, for example).
The audio this game showcased fit like a glove, all the way down to the tempo of the fighting, and the pace at which the characters move. The music matches it all perfectly! The quality of the audio is right up to par with the graphics which makes for a really well-rounded game with no weak spots.
The difficulty is really spot-on, for me anyway. Getting far into the game wasn't too challenging, but actually beating it, on the other hand, was. Too many games are either too easy and get boring fast, or are too hard and are simply given up on. This game offered just the right amount of challenge to keep you interested and coming back for more.
Aside from featuring the all-new Metals feature, the addition of mini games kept the game interesting and acted as nice "intermissions" between levels. Adding unlockable hidden characters also added to that extra dimension, not to mention made for good replay value.
Overall, I'll simply put this as a top-notch game. To be put up there as one of the best ever submitted to Newgrounds. Simply astounding work!


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